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Our youth is beautiful

source:view:datetime: 2019-06-04

Our youth is beautiful - the Lectureon the prevention of sexual violence and Assaultof adolescents


To further improve the school'sadolescentlegal publicity and education, on the afternoon of June 3, Eve, the advanced counselor in the Personal Development Center, launched a publicity seminar on prevention of adolescent sexual violencefor all middle school students.


In the lecture, Eveusedthe real cases to explain the sexual violencecrimes that minors may encounter, and explain to the studentswhat is sexual privacy; what is hidden sexual violence; the common form of sexual violence;do not mixthe expression of love with the sexual violencebehavior; theknowledge on the punishment of sexual violence written in the lawand how to self-rescue when encountering the infringement; if they encounter sexual assault, how to protect life safety and avoid secondary injury, the most important thing is how to prevent the issues and phenomena occur, and at the same time be wary of not only girls, but boys are also easy to become victims.In the lecture, the group of data and cases presented by the teacher made the children realize the importance of safety, and be braveto say “no”, let the criminals take no advantage of it, and learn to protect themselves.


Through the lecture, young people are further impressed thathow to protect their rights and interests.At the same time, it isalso well received by parents. One parent said: “We are busy all the time. The time and energy spent on children is too little. Now the children are too big and we don’t pay much attention to this aspectand I don’t know how to carry out sexual safety education. Today, when I go back, I hear the children talk about the lecture. It’s really good and meaningful. I hope the school will keep conducting similar lectures.”


The activity has strengthened the legal awareness of self-protection of minors from the ideological point of view, and effectively prevented juvenile delinquency, which is a concrete manifestation of caring for the healthy growth of adolescents.


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