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source:view:datetime: 2019-09-16

                                  - 先相信自己,然后别人才会相信你
In the face of the sea, we don't have to look down on the ocean, because we have the vitality and courage of the stream; looking up at the mountains, we don't have to sigh our own smallness, because we have a solid foundation for the earth; in the face of life, we don't have to be arrogant, because we believe: There must be a use for my talentIn this world, everyone is unique and has his own value. Let us actively know ourselves and find a stage to fully realize our potential!
                                 - Believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.
On the afternoon of September 11, the Personal Development Center brought a unique career interest and character exploration activity to the G10 students.

First of all, in the “Occupation Interest Island” activity, the students chose different islands as “residents” according to their different preferences. After a five-minute group discussion, they sent representatives to introduce the characteristics and advantages of their own island to other islands. The six ACEIRS islands in this activity actually represent six occupational types, namely Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, Investigative, Realistic and Social. Students can get a preliminary understanding of their career interests through this activity and get familiar with peers who have a similar professional interest.

Then, in order to facilitate the students to understand the relationship between their personality factors and career choices, Ms. Sun introduced the MBTI professional personality test to the students. Through the test, the students found their own personality types, which can provide a reference for selecting their major in universities.

Finally, Ms. Sun introduced the Anhui Province Middle School Students' Career Simulation Contest, which is a competition that integrates self-awareness, career simulation and career planning. It is a future to develop students' communication skills, negotiation skills, innovation ability, leadership and so on. The comprehensive practical activities of the core competencies required by the society, SCCSH, as the permanent governing unit of the contest, will provide students with a better social practice platform, so that children will have more opportunities to express themselves and realize their dreams.