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SCCSH held a new semester fire emergency evacuation drill

source:view:datetime: 2019-09-18

September is the opening season of SCCSH.In order to improve the emergency response capacity of campus fire fighting and effectively improve the emergency prevention capabilities of teachers and students in school, SCCSH held a new semester fire emergency evacuation drill on the morning of September 18.
Before the exercise began, the teachers were ready and arranged to ensure rapid and accurate evacuation during fire evacuation.

At 9:50, as the fire alarm sounded, the faculty and staff on campus led the students to evacuate quickly and orderly. Everyone remembered the fire escape points, grabbed the nose and mouth with a handkerchief, and quickly evacuated. Within three minutes, all personnel were safely evacuated to the big playground. Security personnel are also waiting to evacuate students at each security exit.

After counting the number of people completed, the teaching director Principal Bi made a concluding speech on this fire drill. She hopes that everyone pays attention to the practice norms and effects, especially the training of students before the exercise.

Through this training, the school's faculty and staff members can effectively improve the skills of fire fighting, enhance the ability to deal with fire emergency evacuation, effectively prevent safety accidents from happening on campus, and effectively protect the physical safety of teachers and students on campus.