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Interdisciplinary Extension Course|SCCSH “Feng Hua” Cup Liberal Arts Knowledge Contest

source:中学部view:datetime: 2020-12-28

In SCCSH, we persist in the education goals of“self-discipline in behavior”, “self-consciousness in development”, “self-revealing in abilities” and “freedom in character”. Education is not only about classroom teaching, but more about providing services and building platforms for student development. In order to create an environment for students to grow independently and develop in an all-round way, the school has created an interdisciplinary extension course grounded on the basic courses.

As an important carrier of interdisciplinary extension courses, "Feng Hua” Cup series aims to integrate the curriculum content of Chinese, Taoism, history, geography, etc., guiding students to learn China’s outstanding traditional culture through presenting themselves, cooperation and exchanges, and interactive promotion.

On December 25th, SCCSH Liberal Arts Knowledge Contest officially opens the first round of "Feng Hua Cup" series.