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加拿大驻沪总领事一行到校参观访问丨 SCCSH Welcomed the Consul General of Canada

source:view:datetime: 2021-03-24

021年3月11日,加拿大驻上海总领事Dave Murphy一行到校参观访问。合肥市外办、市教育局相关负责人陪同访问。

On March 11th2021,Consul GeneralDave Murphy and Delegates from Consulate General ofCanada in Shanghaivisited the school. Related officials inHefei Foreign Affairs Office and Municipal Education Bureau accompanied them during the visit.


学生代表首先致欢迎词,热烈欢迎Dave Murphy一行的到访,并简要介绍了学校发展与个人学习生活等情况。

During the visit, the student representative hosted the whole reception and communicate with the Delegationin English.

The student representativefirst gave a speech to warmly welcome Dave Murphy and the Delegation, and briefly introduce the development of the school and personal learning and life.

随后,在学生代表的引导下,Dave Murphy一行参观了学校生态厅、报告厅,观摩了学校国学课程、美术课程、戏曲课程、书法课程、高尔夫课程等,听取了学生关于元宵节、中国“福”的介绍,并与学生进行了猜灯谜、写“福”字等互动游戏,现场笑语盈盈、友好融洽。

ThenDave Murphy and the Delegationfollowed the student representative to visit the school’s Plant Roomand Auditorium, watch the school’s Chinese studies courses, art courses, opera courses, calligraphy courses, golf courses.The students introduced the Lantern Festival and Chinese “Fu” character andconducted interactive games such as guessing lantern riddles and writing "Fu"with them. The scene was full of laughter and friendly and harmonious.

Dave Murphy总领事表示,感谢学校的热情接待,在合肥中加他看到了一群优秀的老师、优秀的学生和质量很高的教学。

Consul General Dave Murphy expressed his gratitude to the school for its warm reception. He saw a group of outstanding teachers, outstanding students and high-quality teaching inSCCSH.

随同Dave Murphy总领事一同到访的有,副总领事兼高级商务专员Jean-Christian Brilliant及夫人,领事兼商务专员Jose Sia,政治,经济和公共事务领事Jennifer Lalonde ,商务专员(教育)Amanda Wu,公共关系专员Meizhen Wang。

学校执行董事杜娟、外方校长Peggy Gorman-Mitchell、教学总监毕英姿、副校长耿晓娟、刘彦飞等校领导陪同参观。

The Delegation visited the school with Consul General Dave Murphy includedJean-Christian Brilliant, Deputy Consul General and Senior TradeCommissioner and his lovely wife, Jose Sia, Consul and TraderCommissioner, Jennifer Lalonde, Consulfor Political, Economic and Public Affairs, Amanda Wu, TradeCommissioner of Education , Meizhen Wang, GeneralRelations Officer.

School Executive Director Madame Du, CanadianPrincipal Peggy Gorman-Mitchell, Teaching Director Bi Yingzi, Vice Principal Geng Xiaojuan, Vice Principal Liu Yanfei and other school leaders accompanied the Delegation during the visit.